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Most Poisonous Animals in the world


Some animals might look cute or interesting but many of them are in fact poisonous. They can kill a man in the blink of an eye, making him suffer extensively. You wouldn’t like to be stung by one of these creatures. Keep your distance and take a look at some of the most poisonous animals in the world so that you know when you have to run!

1. Box Jellyfish: Box Jellyfish aka sea wasp stings like no other animal, whether see or inland. Its sting is excruciating, its extremely potent toxins attack the heart, nervous system, and skin cells. It is one of the deadliest venoms in the world that has killed 5.567 people since 1954. Their venom is so powerful that human victims first go into shock, drown or die before getting medical help. The best help on the spot is spilling vinegar on the place where the jellyfish has stung. The cramps and pain can last for weeks. They can be found in Asian and Australian waters. So be careful when you swim or try to wear a protective suite that disabled them to reach your skin on any place.

Box Jellyfish:

2. King Cobra: King Cobra is the longest venomous snake; it can be long as much as 5.6 m (18.5 ft). It can be found is Southeast Asia and India. These Cobras live mostly in forest areas. Despite their size they are fast and agile; they can kill a full-grown Asian Elephant within 3 hours if bitten in a vulnerable area such as the trunk. King Cobra is of injecting 5 times more venom than the black mamba, although it is not as toxic as with some other species.

King Cobra

3. Marbled Cone Snail: It is as venomous as some other animals on the list; its venom can kill up to 20 people. They are reported to have killed 30 people. The symptoms can start immediately or be shown afterward in a matter of days. The victims feel intense pain, swelling, numbness and tingling and in some cases paralysis, vision changes and breathing failure. There is no known cure, so if you come across these beautiful snails don’t try to pick them up, they may kill you. They are an Indo-Pacific species of predatory snails.

Marbled Cone Snail:image

4. Death Stalker Scorpion: Death Stalker Scorpions also known as the Palestine yellow scorpion. Its venom is a powerful cocktail of neurotoxins therefore it is a highly dangerous species of scorpions. They require larger doses of anti venom. They can be found in deserts and scrubland habitats in North Africa and the Middle East. Some research has shown that the venom can be used for treating brain tumours and as diabetes.

Death Stalker ScorpionDeath Stalker Scorpion

5. Poison Dart Frog: These venomous frogs are native for Central and South America. They have bright colour bodies and unlike most frog species they are active during the day. The level of toxicity vary from one species to another. Their poison was used for the toxic secretion of blow darts. Many of them are in fact endangered.

Poison Dart FrogPoison Dart Frog

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